Issue # 12

Monday November 30

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The complete top ten drivers table


P7 Jackie Stewart

The missing piece of the top ten

and the Saviour of Grosjean

Stewart is alone among his peers in the top ten having never had a car that was the star of the field. Fangio and Hamilton's Mercedes, Schumacher's Ferrari, Prost and Senna with their McLarens ... Stewart won his titles and championships without that kind of advantage. For sure he had good cars but nothing categorically technologically superior to the cars he raced. With the exception of Graham Hill he blew his team mates away winning all his championships by comfortable margins.

He retired well before we saw his best. He drove in a deadly era. He'd attended too many funerals and decided his could be next. The cars had become faster and faster but safety wasn't any more important in 1970 than it was in 1950. 

Stewart changed that. 

At a soaking wet Spa in 1966 he crashed his BRM into a farmer's field where the car flipped upside down and trapped him underneath. He was stuck fast for 25 minutes being drenched in petrol pouring out of the ruptured fuel tank. F1 drivers were as likely to burn to death in a crash than die from the crash itself in those days. His team mate at the time, Graham Hill, borrowed a spanner from a spectator to remove the steering wheel and got him out. (This moment is behind steering wheels today being detachable.) Then he laid around for some time because there was no ambulance or doctor on site. When an ambulance finally turned up it got lost on the way to the hospital. Sir Jackie didn't see the funny side. At all. He started the moves to improve safety which continue today.

It is not an exaggeration to say Romain Grosjean can thank Jackie Stewart first among others for his life.

On the Sports Annual table Stewart is in 7th position, splitting Senna and Prost. He is 8/100ths off Prost and just over a tenth down the road from Senna. The fight between these three drivers is the closest on the grid.



1st.  JM Fangio

2.125 rpw / 5.941 ppr

Gap to Lewis --- 1.273   

2nd. Lewis Hamilton

2.789 rpw / 5.332 ppr

Gap to Ascari --- 0.098

3rd. Alberto Ascari

2.461 rpw / 4.906 ppr

Gap to Clark --- 1.172

4th. Jim Clark 

2.880 rpw / 4.153 ppr

Gap to Schumacher --- 0.298

5th. Michael Schumacher

3.373 rpw / 4.348 ppr

Gap to Prost --- 0.646

6th. Alain Prost 

3.902 rpw / 4.231 ppr

Gap to Stewart --- 0.086

7th. Jackie Stewart

3.666 rpw / 3.909 ppr

Gap to Senna --- 0.145

8th. Ayrton Senna

3.926 rpw / 4.024 ppr

Gap to Vettel ---  ​0.898  

9th. Sebastian Vettel

4.811 rpw / 4.011 ppr

Gap to Moss ---  0.235 

10th. Stirling Moss

4.125 rpw / 3.090 ppr 


BAHRAIN. NOV 29, 2020. 


Hamilton's amazing run of wins was overshadowed in Bahrain by Romain Grosjean's terrifying shunt. The derided halo almost certainly saved his life. 


fangio1 (1).jpg

Lewis Hamilton pulled another tenth out of Fangio's lead on Sunday taking his 95th win from 265 starts. He is scoring 5.332 points per race ... a point scoring record second only to Fangio. His lead over Ascari stretched to a tenth. 

The remaining ranked drivers ... 


Vettel's position is safe at least until mid '21. However a continuation of his poor results could see him drop out of the "four points per race club" this year. His career long battle with Ayrton Senna is almost certainly now lost. It's 9 tenths.  

8th. Ayrton Senna

3.926 rpw / 4.024 ppr

9th. Sebastian Vettel

4.811 rpw / 4.011 ppr

10th. Stirling Moss

4.125 rpw / 3.090 ppr 


Max Verstappen's 2nd at Bahrain hasn't shifted his position behind The Pampas Bull Froilan Gonzalez. His points per race ratio remains stunning but his win rate isn't good enough to get him anywhere near his place winning peers, which includes Niki Lauda and Nigel Mansell. He will not fall further than 31st this year.   

28. Gilles Villeneuve

11.166 rpw / 1.686 ppr

29. Carlos Reutemann

12.166 rpw / 2.219 ppr


30. Froilan Gonzalez

13.000 rpw / 2.980 ppr

31. Max Verstappen

13.000 rpw / 2.760 ppr

32. Ronnie Peterson

12.300 rpw / 1.764 ppr


Kimi's position is safe through 2021. He has, statistically, feet of lead. Or gold. He has a solid lead over Villeneuve on his point scoring.

39. Peter Revson

15.000 rpw / 2.100 ppr

40. Kimi Raikkonen

15.619 rpw / 2.329 ppr

41. Jacques Villeneuve

14.818 rpw / 1.349 ppr


Bottas is one win from Raikkonen. With only 154 starts under his belt there is ample room for advancement ... which tends to get tougher once a driver hits 200 starts.

42. Phil Hill

16.000 rpw / 2.104 ppr

43. Valtteri Bottas

17.111 rpw / 2.694 ppr

44. Piero Taruffi

18.000 rpw / 2.388 ppr


Ricciardo holds station at Bahrain. Leclerc stays in P60 behind Mexico's Pedro Rodriguez.  He has sufficient lead over Rubens Barrichello to hold his position until the end of the season but will be threatened early '21 without wins. 

58. Clay Regazzoni

26.400 rpw / 1.643 ppr

59. Daniel Ricciardo

26.571 rpw / 1.494 ppr

60. Pedro Rodriguez

27.500 rpw / 1.327 ppr

61. Charles Leclerc

28.500 rpw / 1.701 ppr

62. Rubens Barrichello

29.363 rpw / 1.554 ppr


Bringing up the rear is Pierre Gasly. He has a full season of starts before he falls behind Carlos Pace in position 83. A second win this year would push him upwards of 20 places into the top 60. A third win would see him in the top 50. 

81. Patrick Tambay

57.000 rpw / 0.921 ppr

82. Pierre Gasly

62.000 rpw / 0.516 ppr

83. Carlos Pace

72.000 rpw / 0.819 ppr